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Sondesh Or Sandesh

Sondesh is a most popular Bengali Sweet which is made with Chhana and Sugar/Gur.....

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Bengali Nolen/Natun Gurer Payesh Or Bengali Style Rice Pudding

Payesh is nothing but Indian style Rice Pudding, made by boiling milk, basmati or....

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Murir Moa Or Puffed Rice Laddu

Murir Moa or Puffed Rice Laddu is a traditional Bengali Sweet which serves during....

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Gurer Narkel Naru Or Bengali  Coconut Laddu

Today I'm going to share the recipe of another version of Narkel Naru, which....

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Nolen Gurer Rosogolla

So finally winter is here. A for a bong winter means 'Nolen Gur', 'pithe....

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