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Bhoger Khichuri & Labra/Labdar Torkari

I'm going to share the "Astami Special Bhoger Khichuri & Labrar Torkari". Bhoger Khichuri....

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Bengali Ghee Bhat/Bengali Sweet Vegetable Polao/Pulao

Bengali Rice Polao/Pulao/Pilaf is sweeter on the side. Bengali Pulao is cooked with Gobindobhog....

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Bengali Misti Polao Or Basanti pulao

"Misti/Mitha" stands for sweet in Bengali & "Holud/Basanti" stands for yellow in color &....

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Bhoger Payesh/Poromanno

In Bengali culture, people says,Payesh is the best sweet item to celebrate any good....

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