When I heard from my friend that she has found a great all-in-one online store selling everything from plastic freezer bags, the usual fruit, veg and household items, to dish cloths, cleaning items, gardening items, pet care essentials, ready to eat foods, and frozen meat and fruits, I was little surprised. But after browsing through I was really happy to find such a hub which satisfy all our weekly shopping necessities. Now since six months I am shopping in BigBasket and they never broke my trust. I never thought I will stick to same store for so long! The service is so good that we never get a chance to think about switching to different store. BigBasket often has offers, free gifts and promotions in addition to its respectable selection of normal supermarket offerings and these can be across everything from home wear to food.  Great if you’re stocking up for a big party because we find almost all essentials we need for a festival or a kitty party or special occasion celebrations. And the customer service needs a special mention as the return and refund policy is very good and there is a guaranteed refund into our account. And other main thing which I liked about BigBasket is the meat items they serve are very fresh and available in huge variety in all leading brands. Though they are frozen, they are of very high quality and we can select the chicken in its different forms like chicken with skin, without skin, boneless, chicken minced meet suitable for kheema, chicken liver, chicken gizzard, chicken drumstick and many more. There is even a cosmetic section that carries all the hard to find skin care products like Bare Minerals, hair care products, all branded cosmetics. If we are welcoming a new baby or shopping kid care products, then BigBasket is a good option as we can find an extensive collection of good quality baby care products. We have to decide and choose from various recognized brands of baby care products in India on our online store. And they keep updating the store with new grocery and staples online every day. What I saw few months back is completely replaced by best products available in leading brands in current situation. So we don’t have to worry about obsolete items, as we find what’s going on in current trend. And now days the organic foods are becoming talk of the town and we can even find them in BigBasket with reasonable prices. So we are buying health along with groceries is it? This is the store which fulfils all our daily shopping needs. By far, this is the best online grocery shopping store that I have ever come across and pretty much the only one that I shop.  The variety and quality available in BigBasket store is phenomenal.

Seafood, meats, cheeses, organic foods, cleaning items, gardening items and that still isn't everything!  I don't know what more I could possibly say about this store other than it is awesome shopping experience!