Potatoes are highly nutritious vegetables that contain vitamin C, fiber and vitamins too. When you cook or prepare them with lots of cheese, cooking oil or cream such as deep-frying, the more fat, and calories you add thus of these concealing the health benefits that potatoes offer. Cook potatoes in healthy, fat-free methods to not only enjoy their pure flavor but also benefit from their several nutrients. Some individuals argue that potatoes are a no-no for weight watchers because of their high starch levels.

The thing we fail to recognize is that your pot cooking to preparation methods determine whether or not the will be unhealthy. By baking a medium potato, you won’t have any fat in it, and the calorie amount will be 166 (a 78 % of the daily recommended calorie allowance).By eating a potato and its skin, you get 4 g of fiber that is essential for regulating digestion, feeling full and possibly lowering your cholesterol levels. For more information on how to steam potatoes, click here

5 Simple Low-Fat Ways to Cook Potatoes1. Mash potatoes with skimmed milk instead of a fatty cream

For fat-free potatoes, you require 2 Yukon gold potatoes, five garlic cloves, salt, olive oil,chopped scallions and black pepper. You can cook a fat-free sort of mashed potatoes by


  • Steam 2lbs. Of Yukon gold potatoes
  • Skin five garlic cloves.
  • Chop the garlic into tiny cubes and add to the boiling potatoes
  • When you have cooked it, drain the potatoes
  • Mash them with a mixture of a pinch of salt, black pepper, chopped scallions and one glass of skimmed milk

You can serve it with a healthy potato salad of 2 boiled and cubed red potatoes, half a cup of diced cucumbers, a quarter cup of chopped bell peppers and half a cup of chopped black olives. Make the dressing from with 1 tbsp.

Of canola oil, half a cup of rice vinegar with crushed pepper and salt. Canola oil has heart-friendly unsaturated fats. The additional vegetables offer vitamins, antioxidants and minerals, and antioxidants

Bottom line: This simple recipe can serve seven with each serving containing 119 calories and half g of drenched fat and 4 g of fiber