India is steeped in rich history, culture and of course the best Indian food. It’s almost automatic when you think of India, you think of food. Street food is popular all around the globe, whether it’s a delicious hot dog or a freshly baked pretzel. However, in India, street food is truly a way of life and you will see it in the plethora of delectable offerings. Indian cuisine is simple yet fascinatingly exotic. So, savor the flavors, no matter if you are at a flea market, a mall, a restaurant or at a street stall. No outing will be complete without some butter chicken, or some vada pavs or bhel puris.

Akuri on Toast

If you love scrambled eggs, then this a treat for you. Rated as on the greatest of Parsi dishes, every family has their own unique way of whipping up this hearty breakfast meal. While the variations of ingredients are sometimes raucously debated, Akuri is typically made by scrambling eggs with onions, tomatoes, raw mangoes (when in season), red chili powder, green chilies and finished with fresh coriander. Some add milk, jeera (cumin) powder, curry leaves and even ginger and garlic paste. Many swear by the Akuri on toast at Jimmy Boy located at 11 Bank Street, Vikas Building, Off Horniman Circle, Fort, Mumbai.