In earlier days honey was the first food item which should be given to a new born baby to welcome him/her to the World. Now everything has changed, as per health organisations not only honey, nothing should be given to the new born except Breastmilk till 6 months. But after 6 months a drop of honey is fine for the 1st time. But now a days nothing is pure, not even honey. So we are scared of anything given to the baby. So for my baby when people asked me to give a drop of honey I didn't,because of the purity issue. I didn't give a drop also. And recently I came to know about a farm where pure raw honey is being produced. But they have no advertisement anywhere. I've got the information from a Hyderabad based food group & no sooner contacted the seller. He delivered the honey at my place only.

Now here is how I came to know it's pure raw honey. My Grand father(mother's father) was a hunter in Sundanban Forest in West Bengal, he used to collect honey from the forest itself for us. So I know the real taste and flavour of pure honey. And yes I've checked the purity also by testing it. Just take a spoonful of honey and drop it in a glass full of plain water, if it dissolves, the honey is not pure at all, but if the honey settle at the bottom it's absolutely pure.

This farm is located in Araku. This Area located 100km far from vishakapatnam. Recently they have placed a stall in necklace road exhibition.

Contact Name is Mohan honey bee farms ( Araku) Vishakapatnam and contact number is 9966110583.