Preethi is a well known brand and their Kitchen Appliances are very popular in India, specially the Southern part. They are in this kitchen appliances business since 1978. All kinds of modern kitchen appliances like Mixer Grinder, Gas Stoves, Induction ovens, Wet grinder, Turbo chopper, Electric pressure cooker, Electric kettle, Blender, Rice cooker, Coffee Maker and what not.

I mean to say Preethi Kitchen Appliances are the answer for your daily busy life. And in 2018 they are celebrating 40th anniversary of serving in India. And here is a new product to complete your kitchen is Preethi Zodiac Mixer Grinder. No no this is not an ordinary Mixer Grinder, this is a food processor, which contains mixer, juicer, citrus juicer, blender,grater, chopper, slicer everything in one package. This is a huge one, which can chop, slice, mix, grind, blend in seconds with 750 watts. This is a must appliance for them who loves cooking. This product comes with a dough maker also.