Hyper Local - bar with nightlife, live music private dining

Hyper Local - bar with nightlife, live music private dining


Recently we've received an invitation from Hyper Local. It's on the 3rd or Top Floor of SLN Terminus, Gachibowli, just next to Platinum Cinemas. The place is located in a good, open area and has both indoor and outdoor sittings to offer. And if you go there before Sunset, you can enjoy the dawn. The Ambiance is pretty good, with:

  • Full Bar
  • Nightlife
  • Live Music
  • Private Dining Area Available
  • Wi-Fi
  • Live Sports Screening
  • Indoor Seating
  • Smoking Area
  • Buffet

If you are looking for a full hangout with friends or office colleagues, this is the perfect place. Their food is pretty good, with reasonable price. I find the prices are on the lower side, than any other nearby cafes.

They are serving IPL Live Screening with Bucket Bonanza where you can get 4 pints of Beer including a veg/non-veg starter. But you need to remember the Entry is restricted to adults, no kids allowed.

Hyper Local - bar with nightlife, live music private dining

Anyway, yesterday, I went to keep the invitation. It was around 6:15 pm and almost empty as the crowd starts after 8 pm anyday. I asked to serve their specialty, so they advised me to try thier special mocktail and cocktail. First, they served LSD, which is a kickoff cocktail, made with 5 types of liqueur, like Gin, Vodka, Tequila, Rum & Triple Sec. and made with freshly squeezed Orange juice. Triple sec is an orange flavored liqueur, made from the dried peels of bitter & sweet oranges. And with the use of Fresh Orange juice, the cocktail taste was so good and strong as well. I was eagerly waiting for the Mocktail. Thought of trying the non-alcohol drink first, then the cocktail. The mocktail was served along with Chicken Taco.

The mocktail was made with Fresh Kiwi & Mint. The flavor of fresh ingredients were significant, made the drink so refreshing. Usually in bars, they use the syrup but here they use the fresh ingredients which made their drinks really nice.

Hyper Local - bar with nightlife, live music private dining

After that I tried their Chicken Taco. Those Tacos were made for Indians, so you can't get the blunt taste, but the real fusion works here. Those Tacos were stuffed with Indian spiced grilled Chicken and topped with mint raita and served in Malabar Ghee fried Parotas. Taste wise they were so good, but the only thing which bothered me, the Malabar Parota. As the parotas have layers, so it was difficult to hold the entire thing. so, I suggested to use plain Wheat Four/Maida Tortillas, I believe the taste will also go better with the Indian spiced Grilled Chicken. And yes, the Tacos were too filling, I could have only 2 of them.

Now it's time for the Cocktail, which was literally inviting me to taste it. And believe me it was kicking off,so strong, but nice Orange flavored & very refreshing. I could only finish the 3/4th of the entire portion.

The stuff were insisting me to try something else on food. I left it on them, so they suggested me to try their signature dish Chicken Sambousek, what is that? That is Baharat Spiced Chicken Keema cooked & folded in spring roll sheet and then deep fried. Served with 3 types of dip, Mayo, Mint raita & Sweet Tamarind & saffron chutney. I liked to try these Sambousek with sweet Tamarind chutney, it went so well together.

Hyper Local - bar with nightlife, live music private dining

Now you might be wondering what Baharat spice is? As per the Chef, the word baharat actually means "spices" in Arabic and not a single spice, but a blend of several spices. In this blend you can find black pepper, coriander, paprika, cardamom, nutmeg, cumin, cloves, and cinnamon. So, the chicken keema was cooked with these spices. Though the Sombousek looks pretty similar with Samosa, but the taste was very different. And that's why the 3 different types of dips were served.

I felt the food quality & quantity is quite enough & satisfactory as per price. Definetly overall 4.5 out of 5.

  • Already written about the ambiance : 5 out of 5
  • Location is also easy to reach : 4.5 out of 5
  • Service was a Professional & efficient : 5 out of 5

As per my experience, young people have a great option for a Bar Cum Restaurant which serves both quanlity & quantity of food & dink on reasonable price, with nightlife & live screening & beautiful ambiance.

Address: SLN Terminus, 3rd floor, Gachibowli - Miyapur Rd, Jayabheri Enclave, Gachibowli, Hyderabad, Telangana 500032

Hyper Local - bar with nightlife, live music private dining
Hyper Local - bar with nightlife, live music private dining
Hyper Local - bar with nightlife, live music private dining

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