In our country, Pitha Utsab (Pie festival) is an age-old festival during the winter season.  This type of festival is frequently seen in the rural areas. But unfortunately this festival is gradually disappearing from the urban life. From this point of view who miss the tradition in the urban life, can enjoy delicious pithas at the Pithe Porob @6 Ballygunge Place from 14th to 17th January 2016. Chef Sanjay Haldar brings in 8 variety types pithes for their customers. Some of them are authentic pithes and some of them are his own creation. He shared his experiments with us. He told that, he created the fusion types of Pithes. He elaborated one of them, which is named as Til Pithe. In this pithe he made a stuffing with, nuts, coconut, grapes and then stuffed in Rice flour dough and saute and then rolled into sesame seeds. There were 8 types of pithes like Biulir Daler Patishapta, Dab Bhapa Puli, Chand Pithe Ranga Aloor Jhol and many lip smacking pithes, and Ghoroa Kasha Mangsho With Chaler Roti, Kasha Aloor Dum With Chaler Roti for accompany. We tried most of them and I strongly recommend my Kolkata Friends, do visit 6 Ballygunge Place during 14th to 17th Jan 2016 for their Pithe Porob and experience the World of Pithe Puli.

Thanks Kolkata Foodbloggers & 6 Ballygunge Place to give us this opportunity.