If you look at any top ten list of the most popular cuisines in the world, Indian food always appears in the top five. Top Yaps describes it as one of the most diverse out of all the cuisines, with its variety almost directly proportional to its complex history and diversity in languages and customs. India’s richness in culture has passed on to its cuisine, and appreciation for the food has transcended beyond the nation’s borders. Whether it’s lamb curry, chicken tikka masala, or simply just naan, the world has fallen in love with Indian food.

It’s not a surprise that numerous international grocery chains have decided to accommodate consumers’ growing fondness for the cuisine. Iceland Foods, partner of well known bingo site Iceland Bingo, is an established grocery chain in the UK that expanded its frozen food range to include many Indian favourites, including beef madras, butter chicken, and biryani stir fry. Their takeaway meals will surely please an Indian food lover’s taste buds.

Another UK retailer that has demonstrated its appreciation for this ethnic cuisine is Marks and Spencer. Like Iceland, M&S has its own set of takeaway meals, and an additional Indian selection party platter. To complement their customer’s favourite curries, the retailer launched a line of Indian wines that will have you reaching for Shiraz instead of a beer when eating Indian food. From India’s renowned Sula Vineyards is the unique blends of Sauvignon Blanc, Rosé, and Shiraz, all that will pair well with the spicy and coconut flavors of curry. Looking at other international retailers, Amazon began selling Indian packaged foods to it customers, as it recently became a grocery and gourmet food store. From heat-and-eat entrees to organic Indian products that will enhance your favorite meals, Amazon is among the many retailers that truly understands people’s passion for Indian food.
India has greatly influenced the food landscape, enticing the four corners of the world with their strong and unique flavours. Supermarkets and other grocery chains will benefit in following in these retailers pursuit, if they haven’t done so already.