Every year in many renowned Bengali restaurants of Kolkata organise Ilish Utsav Or Hilsa Festival in their restaurants. We Kolkata Food Bloggers attended one of the famous Bengali restaurant in Kolkata, 6 Ballygunge Place @ Saltlake to celebrate their Hilsa festival, . In our regular menu we are limited with Ilish Paturi, Doi Ilish, Ilish Jhol, Bhapa Ilish, and fried Ilish. But in 6 Ballygunge Place you can find lots of new and innovative Ilish recipes which are Chef Sushanta Sengupta's own creation. The menu includes with 'Ilish Macher pur die Lonka Bhaja, Chalkumro Ilish Bhaja, Smoked Ilish cutlet' for starters. Go on with the main course items like 'Begun Bharta Ilish, Ilish Tomato Posto, Doi Sorshe Ilish, and offcourse Kanchalonkar achar ar Kumror doga die Ilish'. Ilish Tomato Posto is similar to Rui Tomato Posto, where Ilish cooked in a creamy gravy made with Tomato & poppy seed paste. My favorite Ilish dish was 'Ilish macher pur die Lonka Bhaja, Begun Bharta Ilish'. Smoked Ilish has deboned and wrapped in Bottle Gourd leaf and coated with bread crumb and then deep fried. Not to miss those items. Another very interesting preparation was Chalkumro Ilish Bhaja, which is similar to the Veg version, where Chalkumro sandwich is made with Posto & Narkel stuffing, dipped into batter and then deep fried. Chef made this with boneless ilish stuffing . Some more dishes I should mention, those are, 'Anaros Ilish', &  Ilisher Dimer Dhoka Bhaja. And we must mention the size and the quality they are offering is more than your expectations. And a very big thanks to Chef Sushanta Sengupta for his innovative and mouth watering successful experiment with Ilish. He said, they were waiting for the Best quality Ilish to be available in the market before starting their festival. It took some time but the guests would appreciate his hard work. This festival is going on from 6th to 16th August, from Noon to 3pm & 7 to 10:30pm. Meals for two will be around Rs 2000(plus taxes). For any further queries please contact : Sneha Dutta (Assitant Manager - PR & Communication). Ph - (+91) 9903975620. E-mail : sneha.dutta@savourites.in

For more photos please click the link here http://tinyurl.com/nacltrn