Today I'm writing this review on my recent event coverage for Peruvian Brunch in Swissotel, Kolkata. I went there as a representative of Kolkata Food Bloggers.

Cafe Swiss is @ 6th level of Swissotel, Kolkata, just by the City Center 2.  This was my first visit to Cafe Swiss.

It was a huge lavish menu. But still what I had, I enjoyed each bite. Chef Erika Santa Maria from Peru brought her special & innovative creations on Peruvian Cuisine to Swissotel, Kolkata & Pranay Kumar Singh, Executive Chef, Swissotel Kolkata Neotia Vista prepared the brunch for the guests. After reaching at Cafe Swiss, we were asked for welcome drink. I took fresh Watermelon Juice. After completing the juice, a nice juicy BBQ Chicken and Fish platter were served.  we were asked for BBQ Beef & Pork.  So BBQ Beef and Pork Sausage platter was served then, both were good. After Pork n Beef again came to Chicken Satay, which was really nice, juicy boneless chicken cubes. Nicely cooked, neither over nor less, just perfect. I had 2 skewers. Then we rushed to the Salad Bar. There were lot of items in cold bar. Every salad was good, nicely decorated, making me to try each of them.

Some of them are listed here :
Papa a la huancaina  (Potato preparation served with cheese sauce )

This one I took twice, the cheese sauce went just perfect with the potato.
Solterito Cusqueno  (Vegetable salad made with beans, onion, fresh cheese  and carrot)

I liked the flavor of fresh cheese in this salad, it made justice with the vegetables.

  • Causa Rellena
  • Layered potato, avocado and tomato salad(veg)
  • Layered potato, avocado and octopus salad(Non veg)
  • Layered potato, avocado and chicken salad (Non veg)

In 'Causa Rellena', all 3 types took the crown of the best salad items. They were beautifully plated and well decorated. Unfortunately I missed the main course, to keep space in my stomach for the Dessert. But my fellow bloggers tried them and their expressions were great. It is said that, if your stomach is happy, it will reflect on your face. So I can consider their expressions.

Main courses:

  • Pescado a la Chorillana (Fish cooked with onion, tomatoes and flavored with oregano)
  • Arroz con pollo (Coriander flavored rice cooked with chicken, green peas and carrot)
  • Lomo saltado (Beef cooked with onion, tomatoes ,soy sauce and served with French fries)
  • Berenjenas rellenas
  • Aubergine gratinated with cheese

As I kept space for the Dessert, jumped onto them, and arranged a nice full platter of yummy desserts. I had almost everything, except the Tiramisu.

Here is the list of Dessert :

  • Arroz con leche(Peruvian rice dessert)
  • Pie de limon(Lemon pie)
  • Crema Volteada Peruana(Crème caramel with quinoa)
  • Passion fruit cheese cake

Unfortunately the Peruvian Brunch was for only 1 day, but keep eye on their next Food event and for their regular Brunch.

Thanks for reading............