Indian Spiced Carrot Soup

Indian Spiced Carrot Soup

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This is my first post from India. Last month we relocated in India after 5yrs. And all my friends and family were busy to welcome us. They were trying to make us comfortable with their homemade food. And this is monsoon in India. So after reaching India our stomach became upset as well as cold and fever caught us. So I thought making some light soup for our upset stomach and cough. And here is the yummy Indian spiced Carrot soup.



3 serving(s)

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45 Minutes

15 Minutes

Healty Diet


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North Indian

Ingredients of Carrot Soup

Directions to make Carrot Soup in steps


Take a sauce pan and heat the oil in it. Add cumin seeds and fry for 30 seconds. Now add chopped ginger & garlic and fry for few seconds, do not over fry them.

Now add chopped onion and green chili, fry till the onion becomes soft. Add chopped carrots, some salt & sugar to taste. Add 1 cup of water to the sauce pan and cover it to cook the carrots till the carrots become tender.

Turn off the heat and let the carrot cool down completely.

Now take the cooked carrots with some boiled water into a grinder and grind it to make a smooth carrot puree. Take another sauce pan, heat it.

Add 1 teaspoon butter to the pan, cook till the butter melts. Add the flour and stirr and mix with the butter. Make sure there is no lumps in the flour.

Now add the carrot puree to the pan and mix with the flour butter mixture. Add 1cup of milk to the pan, and let the mixture boil for 5-10 mintues.

Stirr continously to prevent the soup buring at the bottom. Turn off the heat and serve the hot soup with some fresh cream on the top.

More Pictures to show the delicacy

If you want you may add tomatoes also with the carrots.

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