Bengali Sweet Curd

Bengali Sweet Curd

I've already a Misti Doi recipe in my blog but that one is instant doi recipe, but today I'm going to share athe Misti Doi recipe from scratch, where I'll share how to make Misti Doi in traditioanll way. And this is I specially made for Jamai Shasthi occasion. This recipe needs overnight time to set doi as the normal curd use to take to set. Nothis much to say here like "misti doi is a bengali sweet delicacy, you can't get this sweet curd in any other state. this is Bengali's very own way of making sweet curd, without misti doi, no occasion is complete, and blah blah blah..." . Just keep clam and ready the recipe below...



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Ingredients of Bengali Misti Doi

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Directions to make Bengali Misti Doi in steps


  • First take the whole milk, add the 1 cup of sugar, mix well and boil in a pan till the milk comes to 1/2 of the total quantity.
  • In the meantime make the caramel by heating 2 tablespoons of sugar and few drops of water in another small pan, boil till the sugar dissolve and turn into golden brown colour.
  • Let the milk to cool down to luke warm and then add the caramel well.
  • Take the Earthen pot, wash under tap water, sun dry it. Now apply the normal curd & ghee in the pot and apply yhe curd all inside wall of the pot.
  • Pour the luke warm sugar milk into the pot. cover the pot with a lid.
  • Now there is a trick to get store bought Misti Doi.
  • Take a towel, place the pot at the center of the towel, and wrap the pot with the towel very well.
  • Put the towel wrapped pot in a dark place of the kitchen undisturbed for overnight to set.
  • Next morning you will find the Misti Doi exactly like store bought.
  • Enjoy or may keep inside the fridge for have chilled doi, tastes better actually.

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